October 26, 2010



Fire alarms fail to alarm

by Joe Ziegler

On Feb. 2, fire alarms sounded in La Roche College’s Science Center, College Center and Academic Building.

The response of students, faculty and visitors to those fire alarms has prompted La Roche College to begin offering a series of training courses to help better educate the La Roche community on fire safety. Read More


The effects of freedom: What does the Middle Eastern crisis mean for the rest of the world?

by Michael Hassett


Though we may not feel it, we are experiencing exciting times.

Turn on the television, and you witness the birth of freedom upon the faces of middle easterners as the shackles of tyranny and dictatorship fall clanking to the ground. Read More

Boiling points: Extreme classroom temperatures overwhelm faculty and students

By Maggie Kelly

During the week of Sep. 6, the Weather Channel observed a... Read More


Port Authority cutbacks limit non-drivers

By Rebecca Jeskey

Recent cutbacks in Allegheny County’s Port Authority services have left non-drivers with one major question:  How will we get where we need to be?

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Extreme Makeover: La Roche edition

Summer renovations give new look to campus

By Joe Ziegler

La Roche College’s Cantellops Dining Hall, Redhawk Café, and John J. Wright Library went through major renovations prior to the start of fall semester 2010. Read more


Photo Story: McCandlessVoluntary Fire Dept. Performs Live Fire Training on Former West Campus

By Rebbeca Jeskey

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So long, farewell

By Rebecca Jeskey

May. Warm weather. Finals. Another semester’s end. This is also the time of year when I have to say goodbye to the staff members that make this job a pleasurable experience. Read more 




Video games and violence

By Travis Thornton

Have you ever driven a bus wildly through traffic,

shot down a UAV with a rocket launcher, explored an underwater dystopia with your little sister, crawled unnoticed through a war zone or won the Super Bowl?  If not, then you haven’t played a video game lately. Read more


Sports and Outdoors

From the horse’s mouth

By Therese Joseph

A La Roche College professor discovered a prehistoric horse tooth while fishing... Read more


Guide for autumn hiking

By Michael Hassett

As the summer heat transitions into cooler autumn temperatures, many people decide to explore the Pennsylvanian wilderness... Read More


Football Frenzy begins

By Brian Fischer

Anything can happen in the NFL  and through three weeks of action thus far, the league has proven just that. Read more


LRC starts men’s lacrosse team

By Brian Fischer

Coach Anthony Stamatopoulos leads the first ever La Roche men’s lacrosse team this 2010-2011 academic school year. Read More



Technology and your privacy:

Modern electronic devices cross personal boundaries

By Travis Thornton

Privacy.  What does that mean to you?  Does your privacy only concern your thoughts?  Or does it also include your actions behind closed....Read more


A familiar voice, a listening ear

By Rebecca Jeskey

Every Wednesday, a friendly voice with a slight southern drawl sings through the phone at the information desk in the Academic Extension Building: ”Good morning, La Roche College.“

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The Vinyl Collective

by Kurt Hackimer

There was a time when Halloween was considered evil. This is not even meant to allude to the holiday’s pagan origins. Read more




Dear Maggie

By Maggie Kelly

I am a freshman, and this is my first semester away from home. I really like La Roche so far. My classes aren’t too hard, and my roommate and I get along. As much as I like the college atmosphere, I find myself very homesick sometimes. Read more