From the horse’s mouth

By Therese Joseph

       A La Roche College professor discovered a prehistoric horse tooth while fishing along the Allegheny River with his family.

         Edward Stankowski, an English professor and coordinator for the La Roche Courier, is a self-professed outdoorsman and observer.  It is a common occurrence for him and his family to spend the day enjoying some of nature’s finer glories.

Therefore, this past summer when the Stankowski family decided to spend a day picnicking and fishing in Venango County along the banks of the Allegheny River, it was just another family outing.  However, on this particular day, Stankowski found something he was not expecting.


A rare discovery:  Professor Edward Stankowski found a prehistoric horse tooth this summer.

Photo credit: Rebecca Jeskey


”I looked down and saw it in the river bank,“ Stankowski said. ” I thought it might be a bone or an antler.“

         This was not the first discovery Stankowski has ever made.  During his previous outdoor adventures, he’s also found arrow heads and fossils.  But this discovery was of a different sort.  Robert McBridge, a biology professor at La Roche college, recently identified the object to be a prehistoric horse tooth.

           Stankowski  said he is delighted by the latest addition to his collection.  He says he values each item he finds because they remind him of who he was at the time he found them.  Others may consider his treasures to be junk, but Stankowski  said he prefers to appreciate the history of an item, like a prehistoric horse tooth, that ”lived and died before any of us were thought of.“