So long, farewell

By Rebecca Jeskey

May. Warm weather. Finals. Another semester’s end.

    This is also the time of year when I have to say goodbye to the staff members that make this job a pleasurable experience.

    This month, I don’t want to say goodbye to our writers Dan Pasqua and Al Zahorsky.

    For those of you who only know them as the quiet kids sitting next to you in class, I can tell you one thing: They’re remarkable people.

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    Dan’s contributions to The Courier were completely selfless.  He didn’t write articles just to have his name in print, and he never looked at the paper as a simple resume builder.  On numerous occasions, I can remember Dan telling me, ”If you need help with anything, just let me know.“ He is the type of person who does work without complaints someone you can truly rely on. 

    His talent and work ethic aside, Dan is a rare person who has the ability to laugh at himself, a refreshing quality in a world that takes everything so seriously:  He modeled a pink, flowered dress for Ed Stankowski’s publication design class; he even offered to dress like Cupid for a Valentine’s Day piece in one of the February issues.  His sense of humor often made work seem like fun.

    Dan, I feel lucky to have worked with you, and I am blessed to know you.

    Al is an exceptional person whose writing was always a pleasure to read.  I envy the way in which his brain works the way he put new twists on any articles we assigned him.  Whether he revealed his fear of squirrels or imagined having a conversation with John Wayne in his creative non-fiction work, Al always surprised us.  Like Dan, he has a sense of humor that you don’t often find in people.

    During layout nights, Al randomly appeared in our office in Bold Hall.   It was usually around midnight, when we all were fed up with trying to fill the white space that kept us there.  These were the times when I got to know Al better -- to know him as a friend rather than just a talented writer.

    Dan and Al:  Thank you for everything you’ve done for The Courier, and congratulations on your graduation!  The Courier staff, Ed Stankowski and I wish you the best of luck.

PS:  I’d like to request an interview with both of you after you publish your best-selling novels. The meeting place...Ponderosa?