Boiling points: Extreme classroom temperatures overwhelm faculty and students

By Maggie Kelly

During the week of September 6, the Weather Channel observed a 90 degree high temperature on that Tuesday and a high of a mere 67 degrees that Thursday. Read More


Photo Story: McCandlessVoluntary Fire Dept. Performs Live Fire Training on Former West Campus

By Rebbeca Jeskey

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Extreme Makeover: La Roche edition

Summer renovations give new look to campus

By Joe Ziegler

La Roche College’s Cantellops Dining Hall, Redhawk Café, and John J. Wright Library went through major renovations prior to the start of fall semester 2010. Read more


Port Authority cutbacks limit non-drivers

By Rebecca Jeskey

Recent cutbacks in Allegheny County’s Port Authority services have left non-drivers with one major question:  How will we get where we need to be? Read More


LRC goes green for Earth Day

by Rebecca Jeskey

Photo Story. Read more


Clubs and organizations honored at annual reception

By Maggie Kelly

On Tuesday, April 27, La Roche College held the Clubs and Organizations Reception in the Bold Union Room.

Leaders of the Student Government Association (SGA), along with members and leaders of various clubs, gathered for a reception filled with food, conversation and recognition of a job well done. Read more


Crime stoppers: Students take part in CSI Day

By Joe Ziegler


Cindy McMichael, also known as X-Factor, was a drug dealer shot dead in her apartment. Her cards were still on the table from the poker game she and three of her friends played the night she was murdered. Read more 


Election results: Whetsell and Miglioretti win presidency

By Dan Pasqua

On April 12-13, La Roche College students elected Matthew Whetsell and Jessica Miglioretti for presidency for the 2010-11 Executive Board of Student Government Association (SGA).

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College to Offer Cheaper Housing

By Joe Ziegler

Starting in the summer and fall semesters of 2010, two new La Roche College policies will give students new options as residents. Read more

English Major Madness

by Maggie Kelly


On March 29, the English department hosted its

Major Madness exploration night in the Private

Dining Room. Students were met with food,

discussion, faculty members, door prizes and most importantly, alumni who now have successful

careers. Read more

Tuition Takes Hike by Four Percent

by Rebecca Jesky

The board of trustees recently approved a four percent tuition increase for the 2010-11 school year, which will add another $419 to students’ costs. In February, the board voted to increase tuition by four percent, according to Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Howard Ishiyama. Read more

LRC Gives Up Dorms For Refugees

by Joe Ziegler

La Roche College Service Learning Club is currently working with administration to convert two unused Peters Hall dorms into hospitality suites. According to Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students Colleen Ruefle, the hospitality suites will provide housing to families associated with Catholic Charities USA.

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Positive Space 2010:  Anthony Allgeier Wins Best of Show

by Dan Pasqua


On March 4, La Roche College hosted the 17th annual Positive Space art show in the Cantellops Art Gallery.

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For Rent: Next School Year's Textbooks

by Rebecca Jesky

According to Vice President for Administrative Services George Zaffuto, La Roche will offer a textbook rental service starting in the fall of 2010.

Follett Higher Education Group, the company that currently administers the La Roche bookstore, will provide the service. Read more